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Portable Toilet Requirements for Construction Sites

PortaPros Construction Services

The Treasure Valley is growing. Commercial construction, residential construction, and residential remodels are at all-time highs. We often get asked “How many toilets do I need for my crews on construction sites, and how often should they be serviced?”

For construction sites, PortaPros recommends following standards set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI). The specific standard is ANSI/PSAI Z4.3-2016, which covers minimum requirements for non-sewered waste disposal systems on job sites.

We believe the standards set by ANSI and PSAI provide your best guide to provide a safe clean environment for sanitation on construction sites. These standards provide for requirements that help avoid bathroom lines and down time on your project. They also provide guidance on separate facilities for male and female workers.

ANSI/PSAI Standards - Minimum Requirements for Construction Sites

Portable Toilets

  • 1 PortaPros unit per 10 workers, when serviced at least weekly
  • 1 PortaPros unit per 15 workers, when serviced more than once per week
  • Toilets should be placed within 200 feet (60 meters) of the actual work area

Hand Wash Stations

  • 1 PortaPros wash station per 10 restrooms on the site

At PortaPros we always recommend one hand wash station for job sites requiring less than 10 restrooms onsite.


For construction sites, we recommend, at a minimum, weekly servicing for portable sanitation products. A construction site’s servicing includes cleaning and deodorizing all of the portable toilets and adding fragrance. All our portable restrooms include hand sanitizer, and we recommend a portable hand wash station, per ANSI/PSAI standards on construction sites.

Construction Calculator

For an estimate of what you will need for your construction site, please check out our Portable Toilet Calculator. Our calculator recommends the number of toilets based on standards set from the ANSI/PSAI. Estimates are based on an 8-hour workday and a 40-hour work week.

Why PortaPros for Construction Sites?

We are clean, reliable, and locally operated with offices in Nampa and Ontario. We are the go-to source for construction site restrooms for customers who share our values. PortaPros services Idaho's entire greater Treasure Valley region including eastern Oregon.

The PortaPros Team is ready to provide clean + reliable services for your construction site – that’s part of the PortaPros Difference. Give us a call at 208-467-0089 to talk about your specific questions or requirements!

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