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How PortaPros “winterizes” portable restrooms to keep them Clean & Reliable!

PortaPros Winterization Process

Have you ever wondered how PortaPros portable toilets remain in service during winter weather? Winter brings damp, cold weather and freezing temperatures that pose challenges to keeping portable sanitation products serviced properly.

Our clients work year-round so we must deliver clean and reliable products under whatever conditions Mother Nature produces. We meet the challenges, with our “winterization” process.


Winterizing varies from year to year depending on temperature. At PortaPros, we monitor weather forecasts well in advance. If temperatures stay steady during the day at 50°F and dip below freezing in the late evenings and early mornings, we are already working on winterizing our products. Typically, this occurs in October.

The Process

  • We remove all water hoses and disconnect all plumbing to water pumps to prevent them from freezing. This is similar to winterizing an RV or camper.
  • We add a premium salt solution to the liquid base in all our toilets. The premium salt blend melts snow and ice at temperatures down to -15°F.
  • We don’t rent Wash Stations during the winter. The type of solution we commonly use can freeze up and the salt solution dries hands out quickly. Hand sanitizer is always included with all our portable restroom rentals and resists freezing when the temperature drops.
  • We drain our trucks every evening with a transfer pump, so we can maximize the use of solutions that winterize our product.

Additional Steps


The safety of our team and our community is a top priority at PortaPros. We do don’t send our technicians out in snowstorms or when road conditions are not safe. Our customer care team strives to proactively communicate with clients when we miss a service due to winter conditions. Missed services are generally routed and scheduled as soon as conditions permit.


During the winter, our operations managers are communicating with PortaPros service technicians about proper placement of units to ensure serviceability when we do experience inclement weather. Our service technicians or operations team will communicate with the customer if a toilet needs to be moved.

Why PortaPros in the winter?

Even though we service differently in the winter vs. the spring and summer months, you can expect the same clean, reliable, and local service from PortaPros – that’s part of the PortaPros Difference. Our winterization process is part of the service, with no hidden fees.

The PortaPros Team is always ready to provide clean + reliable services year-round. Give us a call at 208-467-0089 to talk about your specific questions or requirements for toilets in the winter months.

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