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PortaPros 2024 New Product Offerings

Downtown Commerical Construction

In 2024, PortaPros has invested in expanding our product line to offer more diverse and convenient options for construction sites. The new product line includes Commercial Executive Restroom Trailers, Highrise Portable Restrooms, and PortaLift Portable Restrooms. These additions showcase PortaPros' dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and quality, regardless of the client's challenges or scale. This is what sets PortaPros apart - the commitment to meet every customer's needs with unparalleled care. That is the PortaPros Difference.

Commercial Executive Restroom Trailers

PortaPros Commercial Executive Restroom Trailer

The Commercial Executive Restroom Trailer combines the convenience of portability with the sophistication of permanent facilities. Featuring amenities like those found in high-end hotels or corporate facilities, such as climate control, running water, flushable toilets, and luxurious interior design, this restroom trailer elevates the user experience significantly over a traditional portable toilet. Constructed with an innovative non-wood material, this restroom trailer boasts unmatched durability and resistance to water damage, guaranteeing years of reliable service with minimal upkeep - an essential addition to any construction project demanding the highest standards of performance and convenience.

Highrise Portable Restrooms

PortaPros Highrise Portable Restroom

The Highrise Portable Restroom is a cutting-edge solution tailored to the unique demands of construction sites and high-rise building projects. Engineered with unparalleled mobility and comfort in mind, this robust yet inviting unit is adept at navigating various levels of a high-rise construction site via elevator with ease. The Summit Portable Restroom offers the versatility of semi or full privacy, with the option to add a roof for complete seclusion. Equipped with a sliding mechanism, it effortlessly adjusts to fit through standard door openings, ensuring seamless accessibility wherever needed. With its durable construction and intelligent design, the Summit Portable Restroom is an essential investment for any construction project, prioritizing worker satisfaction and operational efficiency at lofty heights.

PortaLift Portable Restrooms

PortaPros PortaLift Portable Restrooms

The PortaLift Portable Restroom redefines convenience and accessibility on construction sites. Designed specifically for high-rise construction sites this unit can be easily lifted by crane or transported on an elevator. Workers can have an accessible restroom on any floor of the project without returning to the ground level, maximizing efficiency.

Why PortaPros?

At PortaPros, we understand that keeping pace with Idaho & Oregon's rapid growth means offering our customers the latest products in the industry. Locally owned and operated, our staff will tailor your deliveries, services, and pickups to fit your scheduling needs. We service the greater Treasure Valley, the Pocatello area of Eastern Idaho, and the Ontario, Oregon area. Give us a call at 208-467-0089 to talk about your specific questions or requirements!

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