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PortaPros Brian Williams celebrates 11 years on the job

PortaPros Brian Williams

“Taking care of customers and getting it done makes me feel great!” You can feel the exuberance in Brian’s voice as he explains what he likes best about PortaPros. For Brian, the hard work and effort he puts in every day is all for his teammates and customers.

Over the years, Brian has taken the time to connect with his teammates at PortaPros and the customers in the field, making a lot of friends along the way. He has built relationships with all of our key agricultural customers along with plenty of others. On top of that, he has established himself as the go to guy for anything our Service Technicians need to know about how to operate our equipment or perform service work to the PortaPros Clean and Reliable standards.

Brian just celebrated his eleventh year in the portable sanitation industry. In 2010, he responded to an advertisement for ABC Sanitation saying, “heck if it’s driving around and servicing toilets, I can do that.” In 2012 when PortaPros acquired ABC Sanitation, Brian quickly established himself as one of the best in our field. His knowledge, energy, and love for the business is an asset to the team, and a positive influence on those around him.

Over the years, PortaPros acquired Anytime Portables in Eastern Oregon and continued to grow our product and fleet. Shortly after, the need arose for someone who could look after our fleet. Last year Brian filled that gap and became our Fleet Service Technician. Brian’s a hard worker, and while he has many other responsibilities as the Fleet Service Tech, he is still often seen covering a route, making deliveries and pickups, or training others. “Our Service Tech’s are good, and it makes me feel valuable when they’re calling me asking for advice,” says Brian.

If he’s not helping our customers and or our teammates, Brian can mostly be found stock car racing, an activity he enjoys doing with his family and his friends. That season runs April through October, but sometimes during the winter they’ll make their way down to Vegas or Lake Havasu.

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