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PortaPros partners with Bogus Basin

Porta Potties on a trailer at Bogus Basin

As a Boise native and an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always enjoyed Bogus Basin Recreation area. As PortaPros has grown, every winter I have thought that we could do a great job as a strong partner for Bogus Basin.

Early in 2020, my team connected with JJ McLeod, Director of Mountain Operations. As 2020 progressed, the question of how Bogus Basin would take care of their guests with respect to toilets and hand sanitation became more prevalent. Over the summer of 2020 when portable hand wash stations were scarce, PortaPros figured out a solution by identifying how we could build hand wash stations and hand sanitizer stands for Bogus Basin.

In planning for winter operations, driven by collaborative conversations with JJ and his staff, their great ideas, and their needs, we developed a plan to offer a new type of product for the mountain. Rather than typical “ground” units, we deployed Agricultural Restroom Trailers. These are built to the strictest Good Agricultural Products (GAP) standards, enabling our agricultural customers to provide their workers with outstanding facilities and pass their audits without any question.

The benefit of these trailers for Bogus Basin is that the mountain operations team can move them around as they move snow and take care of the grounds. The toilets are better situated for the Recreation area’s guests. These portable toilet facilities are above the ground and off the snowpack so users can step up into them. That product was the perfect solution for Bogus Basin for this ski season.

Finding creative solutions for our customers is gratifying. Like many of our customers and partners, we sincerely appreciate Bogus Basin’s commitment to safety and the mitigation of infectious disease through a good operating plan and proactive communication, as well as, creative problem-solving. PortaPros is proud to play our part in providing a winning experience for people who enjoy recreating on the mountain.

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