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At PortaPros, portable sanitation solutions also include hand wash stations, trash boxes and holding tanks.

At PortaPros, portable sanitation means more than just bathrooms

At PortaPros, clean and reliable equipment doesn’t end with restrooms. We carry holding tanks (fresh and waste water), hand wash stations and trash cans to promote cleanliness that extends past your portable restrooms.


PortaPros lives by three key core values. They drive our actions and the way we work with our clients.


There is no higher priority than safety. We change processes or equipment to get the job done safely.


Relationships are based on trust, support and respect. We focus on cultivating a fun environment that inspires strong relationships.


Occurs with training and understanding. Trust is boosted when accountability is visible.

Waste holding tank

Waste Holding Tank

Discreet and dependable, PortaPros Waste Holding Tanks will give you easy waste storage when indoor facilities and plumbing aren’t available. They have a 250-gallon capacity and are made from heavy-duty plastic for airtight, worry-free waste storage. With 3-inch fittings, they’re easily adapted to most plumbing configurations and can be conveniently accessed for servicing. A versatile storage solution for everyday needs.

Key Features

  • 250-gallon capacity
  • Airtight, durable construction
  • No threaded or cemented joints for easier installation
  • Compatible with rubber couplers and clamps
  • Fits various plumbing configurations
Fresh water holding tank

Fresh Water Holding Tank

With a 350-gallon capacity, the PortaPros Fresh Water Holding Tank allows office trailer workers to feel right at home. Easily installed and serviced, the tanks are constructed from an FDA-approved, ultra-durable polyethylene resin that inhibits algae growth. Perfect for commercial contractors who need a clean, reliable water source to help them get the job done.

Key Features

  • 350-gallon capacity
  • FDA-approved polyethylene
  • No threaded or cemented joints for easier installation
  • Fits various plumbing configurations
Hand wash stations

Hand Wash Stations

PortaPros Hand Wash Stations provide your guests easy access with a sleek, modern design. The unit is fed by a sealed interior water tank, and convenient foot pedal operation ensures conditions are as sanitary as possible. Each station is double-sided; each side features a sink, soap, paper towel dispenser and a basin large fit for fingertip-to-elbow washing. PortaPros Handwash stations are versatile enough to provide hygiene – and peace of mind – wherever you need them.

Key Features

  • Double-sided
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Two soap dispensers
  • Two sinks
  • Multiple paper towel dispensers
  • Self-contained
  • Modern design
Event trash boxes

Event Trash Boxes

PortaPros Event Trash Boxes offer a convenient way to promote cleanliness at your event or job site. Built with thick-cut cardboard, our trash boxes offer a convenient way to control litter waste, making them the perfect complement to our portable restrooms and hand wash stations.

Key Features

  • Disposable
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Clean, unassuming design
  • Lid included
  • Handles for easy lifting

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