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Planning for your hand wash stations?

Hand washing stations

Portable hand wash stations are self-contained with fresh water, soap dispenser, soap, paper towels and an internal grey water tank. A typical service interval is one week by your portable sanitation partner. Hand wash stations are used now more than ever in many applications and settings in addition to job sites. They are prevalent outside of retail stores, restaurants, events, in industry and just about anywhere people gather.

OSHA standards, have in fact, called for hand wash stations since 1987. There is increased awareness from workers who want them. In 2020, there was a shortage of portable hand wash products industry wide as companies struggled for limited production from our traditional supply chain. Today, additional capacity has been established and most portable toilet companies have either access to more products from the supply chain or units in inventory to provide for their customers.

In 2020, OSHA released new guidance for preparing jobsites. OSHA requires “One unit per twenty workers which must be contained in a sanitary condition.” Where toilets are provided, OSHA standards require hand wash stations.

Is one hand wash station enough for twenty workers? When you think about that question, you might begin to ponder about providing more wash stations for your workers or your guests. The Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) and The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines have developed recommendations that call for “One hand wash station per ten workers if serviced once a week.”

This past summer, PortaPros provided portable toilets and hand wash stations for the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service on forest fires, the ratios of hand wash stations to portable toilets were closer to 1:1. Many of our industrial, construction and event customers choose to provide more, and it's often based on site and location specifics as well as philosophical and practical factors.

There are many variables to consider when planning for adequate hand wash facilities for your site or event. We have other options such as trailered portable toilets with hand wash stations and hand wash stations attached to the inside or outside of your portable toilet. PortaPros is here to help with information and practical experience for your portable hand wash station planning.

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