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PortaPros Team Digs Growth

PortaPros Team Photo

Positioned as a leader in the industry PortaPros has experienced considerable company growth and financial success over the last few years. And while we are focused on a smart growth strategy for the company, we are also interested in building a strong internal culture which we know is critical in retaining and attracting employees while presenting a brand perception that matches our internal philosophy and impeccable standard of service.

So, as we embrace the opportunities ahead, we’re also digging deeper to understand who we are as a team. To that end, key members of the PortaPros leadership team participated in a four-hour DISC-based team training facilitated by Jennifer Jones Hooft.

We already knew that we have a close and engaged leadership team and it was proven from the start by how comfortable all fourteen people who participated were with each other and the process which included having fun.

The focus of the course is based on the foundations of the DISC assessment and the four main personality profiles described in the DiSC model:

  • (D)ominance,
  • (i)nfluence,
  • (S)teadiness,
  • (C)onscientiousness.

While zeroing on individual style, the process helps you to learn about yourself and your likely communication preferences within the context of team collaboration. The magic happens when folks understand themselves and the importance of considering other members of the team. Clearly understanding how to modify our own behavior and communication in order to be most effective in interpersonal communications and relationships is vital for company success. The DiSC discovery magnified the importance of working together for company growth as well as individual growth.

The unexpected result from an inspiring day of training was just one more example of how the team can work together toward learning how to care for and relate to colleagues and customers. Most importantly, the engagement illustrated how to live our core values one of which is Growth Mindset.

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